Meet Sarah | Digital Media Director at DPR&Co

What unique campaign, channel or clever executions have you seen in the digital sphere in the last 12 months and why?
The Spotify #Wrapped campaign has stood out due to its data-driven approach and multi-channel execution. Spotify subscribers received personalised listening data from the past 12 months, showing most streamed artists, songs and genres. Users were encouraged to share Spotify #wrapped statistics on social channels - user generated content which ended up also being shared by celebrities. This generated mass exposure for Spotify and an increase in App downloads for Spotify across the globe. In addition to the social media buzz the #wrapped campaign was bolstered across humorous OOH billboards, in display banners and on social media.

How has the iOS 14.5 updates impacted your clients?
The new privacy measures Apple introduced with the launch of iOS 14.5 created major changes to the digital marketing world. The biggest change with this update was that Apple users who were once automatically opted in for tracking (with the option to opt out), would now need to opt in to be tracked. This update impacted my clients in a couple of ways - their retargeting audience pool decreased which impacts campaign reach; ad conversion reporting has not worked in the same way since the update, despite Facebooks update to the conversion pixel. This update from Apple and third-party cookies receding by 2023, is another step in the direction of consumer privacy in the online space.

What has been one of your most successful campaigns and why?
One of the most successful campaigns I’ve led at DPR&Co has been The Loire Valley Wines campaign. The Loire Valley is a famous wine-producing region in Central France, however here in Australia there is very little recognition of it, which is precisely what we set out to change.

Leveraging picturesque imagery of the Loire Valley region and the brands vivacious colour palette, we created ad units to be promoted via display and paid social media channels. The campaign exceeded industry benchmarks across all channels. We successfully delivered over 960,000 impressions through our programmatic display activity at an effective CPM of $10, whilst our paid social activity achieved an impressive CTR of 2.56% - close to 3 times the industry average of 1%.

What has been one of your most challenging campaigns and why?
My most challenging campaign at DPR&Co has been the Carrier Global campaign, delivered in partnership with one of our US-based AMIN agency partners, CVR. The campaign was intricate as it spanned over three regions: Australia, Hong Kong & Taiwan. It’s important to note that each region is unique in consumer mindset, media consumption and language, so it was prudent that both our creative and media approach spoke to each region uniquely.

We carefully selected key partners in each region and built a media strategy and plan that addressed the nuances and audience targeting for each region. The media campaign successfully ran for 5 months across a mix of direct display with selected partners, programmatic display, social, native and LinkedIn. Whilst challenging, the campaign delivered strong results for the client and for us, a greater depth of expertise in leading multi-region and multi-channel campaigns.

How have you been utilising paid and digital media differently for your clients during COVID?
Since the beginning of the pandemic, consumer behaviour online has shifted immensely. In what felt like the blink of an eye, some of our clients had their physical doors shut which then opened the digital doors, leading to our clients pivoting their marketing approach.

Throughout the pandemic, I have been advising our clients on how to communicate with their customers, through bespoke database management programs. This tactic has provided two key benefits; It has been an effective tool to keep in contact with customers and promote online sales (for retail clients), and an incredible tool to help grow my clients first party data. This is becoming more and more important for brands to acquire as we see third party cookies phased out by 2023. Our B2B and charity clients, who prior to COVID, hosted face-to-face seminars are now successfully using digital technology to host webinars instead. I’ve built media strategies for these clients to drive traffic to their site and drive webinar sign ups which has worked fantastically.

What is your top tip for digital that you love to give your clients?
The 3 D’s: Diversify, Dynamic, Data
Diversify your digital budget - each channel has their role in the funnel and customers mindsets shift as they pass through the journey. Be front of mind wherever your customers are.

Be dynamic in your approach to digital marketing. The industry moves quickly, and your customers preferences change, so your digital media strategy must adapt too.

Data is king in the digital marketing sphere. Turn your digital marketing data into information and information into insight - to understand audience trends, campaign performance and areas for optimisation.

What are two of your favourite things to do when you’re not at work?
Cooking and salsa dancing!

What is the best bit about working at DPR&Co?
The best thing about working at DPR&Co is being part of a truly integrated agency. Unlike previous agency roles where my work was siloed to media, I am now fortunate enough to a part of the branding, creative and media life cycle.

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