Plan for Christmas like 50 of the best brands

Shopify's recent research report found that 80% of companies experience the largest spike in sales in the December quarter. The report looks at how 50 industry-leading businesses, all of which generate over $10 million in annual revenue, plan, strategise and create benchmarks for Christmas and the holiday season.

The research reveals some of the biggest challenges marketers face as they elbow each other for the consumer dollar. It also sheds some light on strategies to overcome these challenges and stand out from the noise.  

Of course, planning is vital. Over 25% of companies begin planning in September and another 26% even earlier. This feeds into one of the insights we deem most valuable: build your audience(s) early to avoid paying inflated ad rates. This is particularly useful when running retargeting campaigns to those who have already engaged with your content.

As you execute your seasonal marketing plan, make sure you read this guide first.

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