3 easy ways to improve your e-marketing

Email marketing continues to be a high priority for 2019. For SMEs, email is the main driver of customer retention and acquisition. With office workers receiving over 120 emails, on average, every day (Radicati), the competition for clicks is enormous. To maximise the success of your e-marketing, here are our three recommendations.

1. Humanise your content

Personalisation isn't a novelty. Consumers expect marketers to tailor content to their needs and preferences. Personalising email subject lines can increase open rates by 50% and lead to 58% higher click-to-open rates. To see even higher rates, try behavioural-trigger emails, such as empty cart reminders. They require some grunt work to set up, but in general they see a massive 152% higher open rate than traditional emails and boost conversions by 6.33%, if sent within the hour (Sale Cycle).

2. Avoid landing in junk folders

Follow these simple rules to avoid hitting the spam filter:

  • Don't assume you have permission to email. Consider a single or double opt in.
  • Grow your database organically and be cautious of bought lists.
  • Don't let your database go stale. Regular emails (without being too intrusive) will ensure your list stays up to date with unsubscribes and hard bounces.
  • Ensure your unsubscribe link is clearly visible.
  • Never use deceptive subject lines, headings, From names or reply-to addresses.
  • Include a physical mailing address in your email footer.

3. Prioritise mobile

60% of email campaigns are opened on mobile devices, compared to 10% on desktops. So it's vital that you consider your emails for mobile first. Follow these four rules to get mobile friendly:

  1. Create a short, catchy subject line. You have 50 characters (7 words) to capture attention.
  2. Keep emails under 102KB. Emails over this size ask the recipient to download the content. Many people then exit the email or mark it as spam.
  3. Be careful where you place your tracking pixel. If it's at the bottom of a message and the full email doesn’t load, it won’t register an open.
  4. Design the email to make clicking easier. Use clear CTAs with padding around buttons to prevent “fat finger” mishaps.

If you're looking to revamp your email campaigns, get in touch with our Digital Manager, Madeleine Kemp.


*DMA 2018

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