Don’t forget about your pitch WIN reviews

The debate on the state of pitching and the value that agencies and clients get from pitches continue to rage. Most agencies, licking their wounds after a loss, will undertake a loss review. However, there’s a compelling case to be made for conducting reviews of successful pitches.
While losses provide important lessons, it’s often the victories that hold the key to unlocking deeper understanding about your business. Analysing why you won can offer valuable insights that could shape the trajectory of your business in ways you hadn’t anticipated.

When you dissect a successful pitch, you’re not just celebrating the outcome; you’re delving into the strategies and tactics that contributed to that success. By focusing on what you did right, you can identify patterns and techniques that resonate with clients and stakeholders. This introspection arms you with knowledge that can inform your approach to future pitches.

Moreover, exercising the muscle of reviewing successful pitches hones your ability to recognise and replicate success. By understanding the nuances of what resonates with clients, you can refine your pitch strategy and increase the likelihood of securing favourable outcomes in the future.
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