Meet Frankie Ey

Frankie is one of Melbourne’s most experienced designer/art directors. With a storied history working across a spectrum of leading agencies, there’s not much in the communications industry that she hasn’t already excelled at. There is no doubt that, simply by living in Victoria (and even Australia) you would have seen, enjoyed and been persuaded by her work.


What was your favourite activity to do as a kid?
My mum was a P.E teacher so I did everything under the sun. But I’d say gymnastics.

Was being a designer something you aspired to as a child?
I wanted to be an art teacher. So kind of close. 

What was your first job in design?
I was a designer at Mark Gibbs design studio in Adelaide.

What is it about design that you love?
Good design is very satisfying. Bad design hurts my brain. I just love things to be pretty!

Who is your favourite design influence? 

What’s been the biggest change in the industry since you began your career?
Computers. We didn’t have them at the start.

What’s your favourite thing about working with DPR&Co?
The camaraderie.

What’s been your favourite project for DPR&Co? 
Roomia, because we started from the ground up. 

On a personal note, are you a morning or afternoon person?
Morning person.

Dogs or cats?
I have a cat called Maxxie. So of course, cat.


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