Be braver and more #delulu: What we learned from TikTok’s 2024 Trend Report

TikTok has released its trend report for 2024. The growing social media platform has conducted five third-party global research studies to predict where it's heading this year, along with our DPR&Co digital team and TikTok clients. From the report, we can conclude that we’ll all become more #delulu (that’s delusional if you’re confused).

TikTok is built on trends, some fleeting and some long-lasting. To organise these trends, its broken them down into three levels:

  • Trend Moments: Trending now (short-term)
  • Trend Signals: On trend (long-term)
  • Trend Forces: On trend (long-term)

The report focuses on three Trend Forces that businesses should consider when devising their TikTok strategies for 2024. Let’s go through them.

Trend Force 1: Curiosity peaked

44% visited TikTok with a specific outcome in mind and ended up discovering something they didn’t intend to discover. (TikTok: What's Next 2024)

TikTok is the ultimate internet rabbit hole, and users are curious creatures. The closer you are to your business, the harder it can be to know what people might be curious about. Trust us though, there’s something interesting in almost anything. Show how your product is made, expose your mistakes, or feature a brand fanatic. Remember: Humans are curious about humans.

Trend Force 2: Storytelling unhinged

“Remember, this isn't TV. It's culture. It means that your brand is now stepping into [a creator's] space, you have to look and feel like that. The instant you try to script it, it’s over.” - Ashley Rudder Chief Creator Officer, Whaler (TikTok: What's Next 2024)

It’s time to rethink how you tell your brand story. TikTok is no longer the place for traditional storytelling. Being unhinged and chaotic is in. A polished and scripted video is out. It’s time to let loose and see where your brand story and personality can take you. The more #delulu, the better.

Trend Force 3: Bridging the trust gap

1.5x more viewers trust the brand more after seeing ads on TikTok with comments turned on. (TikTok: What's Next 2024)

As a brand, joining TikTok is like entering a party and knowing no one. Close yourself off and refuse to get to know or relate to anyone, good luck having a good time! Forget about an invite to the next party, too. TikTok reports show that users want a two-way conversation with brands in their own language. Users also tend to trust brands that let their walls down and reveal more than their CEO may advise.

See full report here.

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