Meet Leanne | Group Account Director at DPR&Co

Group Account Director Leanne O’Connor has spearheaded industry-leading campaigns for a number of our clients. Since she joined the DPR&Co team many moons ago, Leanne has driven innovation and behavioural change across the education, government and construction sectors - and is always a joy to work with. We asked Leanne about what it takes to make a campaign successful, the marketing landscape post COVID-19, and why she loves her job.

How long have you been Group Account Director at DPR&Co?
I’ve been Group Account Director with DPR&Co for 3 years now. I’ve worked my way up from a junior role, following a career change way back when. It’s been a rewarding journey. 

What has been one of your most successful campaigns and why?
One of our sweet spots as an agency is behaviour change. Those wonderful briefs where you get to undertake multi-stage research, deliver exciting and engaging creative, and contribute to positive change. A standout example is SafeScript – a Department of Health campaign that introduced real-time prescription monitoring in Victoria and set out to change perceptions amongst all Victorians. Misuse and dependency on high-risk prescription medicine really can take hold of anyone.

What has been one of your most difficult campaigns and why?
I think there are varying degrees of ‘difficult’ with a lot of campaigns, but that can actually bring out the best in the agency and the client. So I’ll say that campaign that we did then was really challenging due to reason 1,2 and 3, but it came together in the end! How’s that for diplomatic!

Have you seen digital shift because of Covid?

Big time and hats off to those brands and businesses that have had to rethink their business model, to quickly adapt, reinvent, or turn a 2-year digital growth plan into a 3-month one. There’s some truly inspirational success stories out there.


Where do you see the digital landscape going post-Covid?
I think consumers will continue to want better and better online experiences. Things like how brands engage with their online audience at a personal level – really know them, know what they like, even predict it. I think we’ll continue to do more online, where physically being there isn’t necessary after all. Convenience and access – why would we want that to stop!
And of course it’s a data goldmine!

What is your top tip for digital you love to give your clients?
Ensure the destination supports the journey. In other words, engaging creative won’t convert if your website or landing page is not up to scratch and in sync with your CTA.

What are two of your favourite things to do when you’re not at work?

With the number of screens we all have at home, actually being in the same room, watching the same movie or show, is one of my favourite things. And very old school but reading an actual printed newspaper is pretty high on my list for the weekend. Simple pleasures!


What is the best bit about working at DPR&Co?

Working with a great team to deliver great outcomes for our great clients. That’s the best!


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