With traveling overseas firmly back on the radar, it was time to dust off the suitcases, dig out the passports (or in our case get new ones) and relearn the art of travel. DPR&Co Co-founder and Executive Creative Director Richard Ralphsmith and I were heading to the US for the 2022 AMIN Integrated Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana and had also scheduled face-to-face meetings with Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois.

For me personally, having not travelled at all for the past two years, the long-haul flight has never felt longer, bumpier or less roomy, even in Premium Economy and I’ll admit to a bit of nervous excitement. Nervous about the coffee (I knew what I was in for) but excited about what was in store for us at the other end.

But enough about the journey, this is all about the destinations…


2022 AMIN Integrated Conference – Indianapolis, Indiana

DPR&Co has been part of the AMIN Worldwide network for seven years, together with over 60 independent creative and digital agencies. We’ve partnered with some of these agencies to deliver various projects and campaigns, so getting together in person felt like a long time coming.

The conference, hosted by CVR, brought together member agencies from across North America for collaborative and information-rich presentations and peer group discussions, over two action-packed days.

Whilst there’s a great divide distance-wise, we are a group of agencies who all strive for excellence, are excited to share ideas and learn from each other. During the conference we discussed common and familiar challenges but also interesting and innovative approaches and solutions – related to everything from the crucial role of strategy, the science behind creative that connects, and (keeping on top of) new technologies.

Yes, the metaverse is coming for us all!


Of course, a trip to Indianapolis wouldn’t be complete without an Indycar driving experience. Super fun and a great practice lap for our upcoming road trip to...

Next stop: Caterpillar – Peoria, Illinois

We couldn’t go all the way to Indianapolis without side-stepping to Peoria to meet some of our Caterpillar clients for the first time. As an agency, we’ve worked with the Cat brand for the past 15 years, developing campaigns and communications, predominantly for the ANZ/SEA regions.

But in 2020, as the world shut down, ironically we went global, winning a pitch to deliver new product introduction (NPI) campaigns for North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and other regions.

To finally meet our wonderful clients in Peoria face-to-face was worth the hair-raising freeways, open-to-interpretation speed limits and wrong exits.

We got there in the end, were warmly welcomed and grateful for the opportunity to spend time together.


There’s nothing like it.

I think we’re all thankful for the role technology has played during lockdowns, to keep us all connected – especially for us here in Melbourne. The Covid bright spot of added flexibility with how and where we work is here to stay and that is a good thing.

But regardless of how far we have to travel, it’s so refreshing, invigorating and well overdue, to be in one room again - with no mute buttons or blurred backgrounds allowed.

The great reconnection is in full swing.

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